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Best practices for selecting high visibility clothing

Best practices for selecting high visibility clothing

High vis clothing is available in a variety of materials and it can be very confusing for some to decide which one they need. The article below looks at the different types of high vis clothing.

High Visibility Clothing High vis clothing is designed to improve the visibility of an individual when they are in a dark environment like it may be while mountain biking, running or cycling. High vis clothing can also be termed as hi vis vest, hi viz vest or high-visibility apparel.

High visibility jackets are usually bright orange jackets with reflective strips that stand out against headlights and street lights.

High visibility vests are available which tend to be smaller than jackets and fit into pockets easily where they can be removed when no longer needed.

High visibility hats, headbands and socks are also available to match high vis shirts and trousers. Bright flashing LED lights for runners offer even greater safety by improving the visibility of the runner.


Best practices for selecting high visibility clothing

The major reason why High Visibility Clothing has been so widely used is because it gives the individual wearing it a higher chance of being seen in low light or high-glare conditions. High Vis clothing works by limiting the amount of shadows on an individuals body and reflects light from head lights, street lamps and car headlights. High Visibility Clothing is known for providing 360 degree visibility in multiple angles.

High Visibility Clothes has a lot of uses all depending on what the end goal may be. Some High Vis Clothing can be used for running while others are used for hunting. High visibility clothes make use of fluorescence to make sure that when there is light shined upon them they reflect brightly back at its source, making it easier to spot the wearer in aim of wearing high visibility clothes is to ensure that you are visible at all times, enabling motorists to see you and provide for a safe journey. For the same reason, your choice in high vis clothing should take into account several factors including:

  • The area which you’re travelling through
  • The type of work that you expect to do while on the road

For example if your work involves closing off an area where workers will be present at certain hours of the day or night, then it would make sense to choose bright coloured jackets or vests so they can easily be seen from a distance. 

In any other situation where there’s no specific need for clothing with reflectors, bright colours will do. High visibility clothing is not limited to only jackets and vests; High Visibility Shirts, Safety Boots, Pants and Gloves can also be included in this category. Plus High Visibility Clothing does not just have to be used by motorists on the roads either. Any one that has a need for protection from the elements such as Police Officers, Security Guards etc. will find High Visibility Clothing invaluable in aiding them with their work.

There are different types of High Visibility Clothing available:

  • High visibility Jacket or Vest
  • High visibility Shirt
  • High visibility Pants
  • High visibility gloves
  • High visibility boots

High vis clothing comes in several materials:

Cloth High Vis Clothing

When it comes to High Visibility Clothing, the most common type of High Visibility Clothing is that which is made from high quality, highly visible cloth. High visibility clothes are known for being durable and long lasting, plus they are extremely comfortable to use on a day-to-day basis. High vis clothing can be worn both indoors and outside making them versatile enough for any weather condition or scenario you may come across.

Leather High Vis Clothing

Another popular choice of High Visibility Clothing is leather materials. Leather is not only strong but also water resistant so it’s perfect for those who work outdoors as you will never feel uncomfortable with wet trousers or jackets weighing you down; this makes leather High Visibility Clothing ideal for outdoor work. High visibility leather is not only durable but it looks much nicer than High Visibility Clothing made from polyester, so you can save your High Vis clothes for when you work indoors where the extra bright colour isn’t needed! High vis clothing does come in many styles and designs so whether you prefer long sleeves or short; polo neck or v-neck; there’s something out there to suit every skin tone and profession.

Fluorescent High Vis Clothing

For all those working in low level light conditions such as construction workers, electricians etc., High VIS Fluorescent High Vis Clothing is perfect for them. When Fluorescent High Vis Clothing reflects light at night time, the light waves are absorbed by human eyes making High Vis Fluorescent High Vis Clothing very effective when it comes to looking bright and highly visible in the dark. High VIS Fluorescence High Vis Clothing offer a lighter alternative to High vis Vests so for all those who prefer clothing with pockets High VIS Fluorescent High Vis Clothing is ideal for you!

The right high visibility clothing helps ensure the safety of yourself and others, so finding what type of High Visibility Clothing you need can seem daunting at first but finding out about the different types of High Quality Clothes available helps, then you just have to decide which one suits your needs best.

Thanks for reading this article on Best practices for selecting high visibility clothes .I hope readers find this informative. Do comment your views below.

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