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The Value of High Visibility for Your Business

The Value of High Visibility for Your Business A blog about the importance of high visibility on workers & businesses.  These days, it’s an indisputable fact that high visibility workwear is the most important part of any construction worker’s safety gear. It’s also vital to your business’ overall success. High visibility clothing is worn by […]

Understanding the Terminology for Hi Vis Safety Jackets

Understanding the Terminology for Hi Vis Safety Jackets It is important to know the terminology used when it comes to Hi Vis clothing, reflective tape and other safety apparel and accessories. This blog will go through a list of terms, their definition and help you choose an appropriate Hi Vis vest, it is essential to […]

Best practices for selecting high Vis clothing – High-Vis Shop

Best practices for selecting high visibility clothing High vis clothing is available in a variety of materials and it can be very confusing for some to decide which one they need. The article below looks at the different types of high vis clothing. High vis clothing is designed to improve the visibility of an individual […]

Hi vis Jackets their necessary for cyclists | High-Vis Shop

Hi vis Jackets could become necessary for cyclists. High Visibility clothing for cyclists The importance of high visibility apparel has been controversial on the internet around the globe and there have been many debates regarding the pro cons of this clothing. Talking about the daily cyclists i.e. people who use cycles as a means of […]

The lifespan of High Visibility apparel

The Lifespan of High Visibility apparel High visibility clothing usually lasts for an average of six months. Though its lifespan may vary depending upon the usage and handling of the vests and jackets. If the vests and jackets are subjected to rough and harsh conditions daily it lasts up to 6 months. On the contrary, […]

Story of Evolution of High Vis Clothing.

HISTORY In 2012 British case-control says that the odd crash of cycle drivers is less when they wear the fluorescent color without bright strips on the wearing clothes .in daylights the fluorescent reflects due to its property .so that’s why in 2014 the other case controlling agencies take this step very carefully most likely in […]

Tips on choosing the Best High Vis Workwear

What are the tips on choosing the best hi-vis workwear for factory workers? High visibility clothes are also called hi-vis or Hi-Viz which is highly flouroscent in its natural glow property from any other background. There are many colours of high visibility vests are available, with yellow and orange being the most common examples. It […]

Essential Night Work safety gear | High-Vis Shop

What are the Essential Night Work Safety Gear? It is the responsibility of employer to take care of health and safety of the worker and provide them safe work  environment. And we all  are familiar with the  safety risks within your sector, as well as the measures you can take to counteract these risks.  Night […]

Main Reasons to Put Logo on Workwear | High-Vis Shop

What Are the Main Reasons Why You put logo on Workwear? Basically, logo is a combo of both text and colourful images which represent company’s name. It tells costumers the visual image in their eyes which is remarkable for them. Some companies logo have strong connection with the people and they easily identify. The main […]

What is High Vis Clothing?

What is High Vis Clothing? What is high vis clothing should be an easy answer question, but it is far from it. High-vis clothing can come in various colours and materials. It can become quite confusing to clearly see what is a high vis and what isn’t, especially under the different & strict high vis […]