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Hi vis Jackets could become necessary for cyclists.

Hi vis Jackets could become necessary for cyclists.

High Visibility clothing for cyclists

The importance of high visibility apparel has been controversial on the internet around the globe and there have been many debates regarding the pro cons of this clothing. Talking about the daily cyclists i.e. people who use cycles as a means of transport for their daily activities, whether being a delivery guy or any other kind of occupation or just as an transportation tool. They face heavy risk of getting hit by other motor vehicles moving near by or some other sought of accident which can cause serious injuries and to prevent those they get bare minimum safety gear such as helmet or knee guard or elbow guard which might not be that sufficient. Actually, the main reason is that there is lack of sight of cyclists in this fast moving heavily mechanized generation and also the cycles have been developed to be sneakiest so the problem can only be solved by using a gear that actually saves the cyclists that is by striking them out in the vision of the near-by population and that too being sneakier as it was. The most efficient way of solving this problem is High Visibility clothing. Hi-Vis clothing not only helps in giving the cyclists an odd look to be properly visible in the crowd but also won’t compromise with the light weight and highly mobile cycles. The vibrancy of the fluorescent jackets or vest imparts an distinguished visibility to the cyclists among the metropolitan traffic where there is the risk for cyclists to be hit by other heavy fast moving vehicles.

High visibility clothing is really helpful as it actually prevents any kind of mis-happening so it also saves the cyclists from injuries as well as damage to the cycle and accessories and the expenditure on medical aid and repairing cycles is also saved. Wearing a fluorescent cycling jersey allows an attentive, alert driver to see the cyclist earlier and further down the road. The driver then has more time to plan his path around the rider safely, without inconveniencing himself.

Cycling during day time

As most of the cycling is done during day time so the utmost effort is to be done for gathering the attention of the nearby traffic and delivering it to the drivers of other vehicles. And for this purpose, the high vision clothing is the best suitable gear as these fluorescent steady colors grab more attention than flashing lights or such light-emitting devices to be installed on cycles while a cyclist is riding. As a matter of fact that the fashion trend now a days is drifting more towards subtle colors and their sober shades so this actually helps to increase the visibility of cyclists wearing fluorescent shades of such bright colors among the crowd.

Most effective type of Hi-Vis clothing for cyclists

There is an ideology that wearing reflective striped black jackets are most suitable as Hi-Vis apparel for daytime cycling but the actual fact is that it is not as efficient as it is thought to be. Those reflective strips will not reflect with a sufficient luminescence for the proper visibility of the cyclists. So, to overcome this issue it is advisable to wear a fully reflective Hi-Vis jacket or vest. This apparel will reflect the 100% of light falling on it and that from the whole surface of the apparel which in result increases the visibility of the cyclists affectively. Colorful jackets are better than dull striped ones. This ultimately results in the eye perceiving a more intense colour. On the road, the advantage of this is that it increases the distance from which an object is seen, and some studies show that fluorescent clothing is five-and-a-half times more visible than conventional clothing. The fluorescent jackets or vests just have a blunt appearance and are observed boldly from the surroundings which gives another chance to the other drivers to control their fast moving vehicles.

Importance of contrast

Contrast has its existence critical to visibility. So, the use of fluorescent colors such as yellow, orange, red and green is really suitable for serving the purpose. The fluorescent shades of these colors are not commonly worn and also grab attention from far off distances. These colors just pop out boldly during daytime and also in the night time when the traffic or streets is heavily lit by artificial lighting systems of vehicles and public properties.

Some legal information

Cyclist visibility is addressed in the Highway Code, but the Code is a mishmash of enforceable law and unenforceable guidance. As it is a concern for human lives as well as road safety, in some countries it is made mandatory while in some it is for guidance. If you are a cyclist and a victim of an road accident but you were not wearing any high visibility jacket or vest, then the driver that you had an accident can challenge you and if the things will not go in your defense then you can also face charges and will have to pay fine which is not suitable for anyone.

Actual case study

Although the wearing of high visibility jackets and vests is an reaction based safety measure for the cyclists yet it is effective as there is the tendency of human brain to give attention to outshining colors and especially the weirdly reflecting moving objects and this human biological character is helpful in proving the fact the high visibility clothing is actually helpful as a safety gear for the cyclists.

Another factor supporting this phenomenon is that our brains are subjected to see this kind of apparel on sites where extra care needs to be taken such as construction sites or road repair sites which actually have many examples of accidents in the history. So, even a slight sight of these colors just activates the conscience to be more careful regarding the surroundings and pay extra attention to environment around so as to make sure we are at a safe place and rather saving anyone else we get aware about our own safety.

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