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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Look in a Hi-Vis Jackets?

Hi Vis Jacket has two components, fluorescent clothing & reflective tape. They can have either one or both of the above elements. Examples of these types of clothing with and without reflective are below:

Fluorescent hi vi safety reflective jacket is made with special pigments which reflects the invisible ultraviolet light as a bright visible light. These bright colours must provide strong contrast against many backgrounds (man made & natural) to increase visibility.

Reflective strips, tape, or other elements made from materials that reflect light back to where it comes from. Reflective materials can come in a variety of types, some tapes only reflect light and is not suitable for all dark work environment. Some reflective tapes work both at day and night. It is very important to check weather the tape is visible both to make sure it matches your work safety requirement.

When do I need High Visibility Safety Jacket?

You will need high visibility safety jacket apparel when working in conditions low visibility condition to make sure that your employees are clearly visible. High vis safety reflective jacket greatly reduces workplace hazards and injuries by increasing visibility in bot day and night.

What are the different classes of safety apparel?

The Australian Standard High Visibility Apparel classes are below:

Class D

Class D garments are designed for daytime use only. They are intended to provide the wearer with high visibility under daylight viewing conditions. These garments are not effective when viewed under artificial and low light.

Class N 

Class N a garment designed for night-time use only. These include things like Day and Night Reflective tape to increase visibility at night.

Class D/N

Class D/N garments are designed for both day and night use. These high vis apparels comprise of retroreflective elements on a fluorescent or other non-retroreflective high visibility background material.

What is Hi Vis Jacket Clothing?

Hi Vis Jacket Clothing is safety apparel which aims to increase the wearer visibility in working condition. Increasing visibility results is lower workplace accidents. There are different types of high vis jacket, some work only in day time and others work in both day and night time.

How to work out your High visibility waterproof jacket size?

There are different types of high visibility waterproof jacket for different jobs and environments. If you are going to be working is heavy rain, make sure to check the waterproof rating of the high vis jacket is at least 20,000mm.

If your work environment has really low visibility due to heavy rain, it is advised to wear high visibility clothing with reflective tape to increase visibility to others.

How warm should my High visibility jacket be?

Garments like hi vis soft shell jacket and high vis waterproof jackets come with quilted lining with polyfill for added warmth. These jackets are great for windy working conditions.

How to take care of High visibility safety jacket?

All high vis jackets will come with washing instructions which should be followed. Not following these instructions may decrease the life of the garment.