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Frequently Asked Questions

What Colours are Considered Best for High Visibility Safety Vest?

Yellow (Lime) and Orange are the 2 most popular colors for high vis workwear. The reason they are popular is because they both have unique characteristics which is useful in different situations.

Yellow (Lime) high vis workwear is great for catching attention. Black and Fluro yellow (lime) clothing create a sharp contrast that may be more noticeable in competing backgrounds.

Orange high vis clothing on the other hand gives other the message of caution. People usually recognise orange colour as “caution”.

What are High Visibility Safety Vest Apparel?

High-vis clothing can come in various colours and materials. It can become quite confusing to clearly see what is a high vis and what isn’t, especially under the different & strict high vis laws of each country.

High-vis vests are probably one of the most common types of high visibility apparel, but hi-vis shirts, hi-vis jackets, coveralls, pants, and even smaller items like gloves can keep your workers safe.

Why is Hi-Vis Clothing Critical for Safety?

High Vis clothing is critical for safety because wearing high visibility vest prevents workplace injuries and accidents by increasing the visibility of each worker wearing the high vis clothing. High vis workwear increases the visibility of employees working in both day and night-time with the use of reflective tape.

When Should You Wear Hi-Vis Clothing?

High vis clothing is used in almost all industries, especially in construction, gas & electrical utility, transportation via highways, trains & airplanes, surveyors, engineers, cleaners, etc. 

How to Choose a high vis Safety vest?

To choose which high vis vest to choose, you should consider where that hi vis safety vest will be worn. If your employees are working at night, you will definitely need a high vis vest with reflective tape which reflects in both Day and Night to maximize visibility. This is especially critical in winter, where due to rain and fog, the visibility is already very low.

You will also need to consider the weather, the place where your employees are working is really cold, you can get fleece high vis vests, which provide warmth to your employees while working.

There is also the quality of high vis vests which matters, a high-quality high visibility will not only last longer, it will also make sure that the clothing is comfortable to wear. 

Thinking about all the points above will give you a good idea as to what kind of high vis is needed for your workplace.

Does High visibility vest wear out?

Yes, high visibility vests will wear out over time. According to the Australian Standards, high vis vests are recommended to be washed upto 30 times before replacement. However, high visibility clothing may wear out earlier than this if you work continuously in harsh weather conditions.

Why do You Need a High-Visibility Safety Vest?

High visibility vest are necessary to increase your visibility to others. High vis safety vests come in different materials, each with its own advantage. Reflective safety vest work well in both day and night time. If you are working outdoors, Hi vis soft shell vest, waterproof safety vest may be the right choice for you.