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Story of Evolution of High Vis Clothing.


In 2012 British case-control says that the odd crash of cycle drivers is less when they wear the fluorescent color without bright strips on the wearing clothes .in daylights the fluorescent reflects due to its property .so that’s why in 2014 the other case controlling agencies take this step very carefully most likely in Canada and Australia applied the rule of wearing that color which is bright in the night by this step there was less collision on roads .but the people take it generally because at that time only cycles are used mostly. the rule of wearing dark color in the day and refractive color at night is very effective it decreases the rate of collision of cycle drivers on-road and also the number of affected people in hospitals

In the two years between 2012-2013, Denmark takes one trial of that rule. The study collected that there was 6794 cyclist are there who work and going here and there regularly on the bicycle. and the trial gives good results the jacket with high visibility color is very protective and decrease the cause by 44% and the motor vehicle was more protected by this trial they must have a protective range of up to 55% . at that time the fluorescent color is used in jacket and the drivers have to wear that when they are driving the vehicles but there were throwbacks of jackets in summer usually the people not wear the heavy clothes so at that time in winter 56% and in summer 36% people enhance that rule. To some extent it is more effective for humanity this step of change helps each and everyone those who work on roadside and drivers it reduce the number of accidents o road and legally proved in Denmark city Since April 2013, New York City regulations require commercial cyclists, such as restaurant delivery persons or bike messengers, to wear high visibility clothing while riding.

The history made by the “glo brothers”


That step of changing and become the time of evaluation of high visibility clothes is started with the broken dream of BOB SWITZER in 1930’s California A young Bob was suffered for hard injury in his head at the time of construction of a building that makes his dream become broken to be a doctor he was in a coma after a long time . he should stay in a dark room until he recovered after waking from the coma.

When Bob wakes up from a coma his brother was a junior magician who trying a trick on fluorescent color and entertain his brother Bob when he was recovering from his convalescence. Once he recovered, Bob continued to experiment with these chemicals, combining them with wood varnish in his bathtub. After long experiment on that chemical giving fluorescent color they both made the fluorescent paint which is useful in chemical paints experiments that were the world’s first fluorescent colors giving good effect in day and dark .which they christened “Day-Glo” for its glowing appearance in daylight .after this project the directed this paint to clothes and gives the color to clothes which becomes high visibility clothes. Bob colored his wife’s wedding clothes with very luminescent color .at that time the day belongs or was dedicated to Bob and Joe and both named by “GLO BROTHERS”


Technology in and after World War 2

At the starting of the Second World War, the U.S. Government used the Day-Glo Brother’s invention. Its application increased soldier visibility and also the fluorescent paint was used on fabric panels to send signals from the ground to recognize the place from the ground in the air. Aircraft crewmen wore fluorescent suits and held ultraviolet lamps as they directed pilots in the sea the unusual products which are under the sea was glowing by radar vision by the fluorescent experiment and also the men who diving underwater and collect those unwanted things undersea has to wear refractive colored suits swimsuits and the bright color wear invented by bob is useful in every field After second world war the fluorescent colored clothes introduced in the USA by Glaswegian railway maintenance workers in the beginning. After that, high visibility clothes are mandatory in every field of construction and in that field where the manufacturing is done. In 1976 high visibility becomes a productive business.


How hi-vis promoted:-

Findings from a U.S. study in 1981 further promoted the use of this clothing in other contexts of both work and leisure. This color for clothes is used because this color having the property to glow and attract the human eye biologically that color having increase visibility from Denmark, Australia, and all over the USA the high visibility clothes takes place according to that expand of any type of workwear. The study found that two-thirds of crashes between motorcycles and cars occurred when motorists failed to see an approaching

  1.  Orange offers the best visibility against almost any background– especially natural greens or industrial greys and whites. While yellow is also very effective, it doesn’t work that well in the indoor environment and against white and grey walls.
  2.  Orange is the closest to redand red means “stop” , “danger” and “caution” in the context of safety and warnings. Humans inherently perceive red as a sign of danger.

Why fluorescent colours are used?

Where fluorescent colour is used?


By few years in evaluation of high visibility is common in these sections   


Traffic Control

  • School Crossing Guards
  • Waste Collection
  • Road Construction
  • Emergency Services
  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Tow Truck Drivers
  • Airport Ground Workers
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Railroad Workers
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Utility Workers
  • Shipyard Workers
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