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What are the Essential Night Work Safety Gear

What are the Essential Night Work Safety Gear?

It is the responsibility of employer to take care of health and safety of the worker and provide them safe work  environment. And we all  are familiar with the  safety risks within your sector, as well as the measures you can take to counteract these risks. 

Night time work is full of risk. What types of night work typically require hi vis clothing and other safety precautions

But during night the safety measures should be higher because at that time there is low visibility . we all know that the dim light or visibility reduce the capacity to see properly which causes the chances of accidents and any injuries . Outfitting work crews with personal protective equipment (PPE) that is retroreflective is a primary step toward improving night time work safety. Retroreflective material reflects light back to its source. This reflectivity helps the public navigate work sites and decreases hazardous risks, both at night and during the daytime hours.

The American National Standards Institute and International Safety Equipment Association indicate that using highly visible, retroreflective equipment is a key way to reduce accidents. This includes pants, vests, shirts, headgear, and outerwear, as well as using large, reflective signs, cones, and other apparatuses. According to A Guidebook for Night-time Construction: Impacts on Safety, Quality, and Productivity, “proper clothing is considered the most important element to ensure worker safety” at construction sites.

It is also beneficiary that how it differentiates workers from the working environment and enhances “scene gist.”  gist is a psychology theory that says people recognize a real-world scene in a single glance. It implies when workers wear retroreflective PPE and they are fully dressed up they are more visible during night and reduce the chances of accidents 

Any serious injuries and illness may result from the contact with chemical, radiological, physical electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards. So personal protection equipment may include gloves, safety glasses, and shoes, earplugs or muffs, hard hats, respirators, or coveralls, vests and full body suits. The PPE should be properly designed and maintained so it can be use for long time.

So, PPE includes:

1) all over and proper protection

2) headgears which is protective with helmets, hats to protect against sun heat

3) boots or shoes which is safe 

4) safety glasses or goggles

5) gloves for hands

6) masks and respirators 

7) Earmuffs

So, when employees purchase any PPE, it should be complying with the Australian standards. The PPE should be stored in clean and fully operational conditions, so it is easily available when needed and safe from any damages. And make sue it should be in good working condition and order because damaged or defective PPE may cause any accident which should be replaced or through away.  

So, selecting the right PPE is very important for the safety measures. It is use of the protection of eyes and face, protection of hand, body protection, respiratory protection and hearing protection. 

1) Eyes and face protection 

Protection of eyes can be done  with the help of goggles and glasses which is specially designed to reduce the risk of chemical slashes or any laser radiation. There are general safety glasses, laser safety glasses, chemical splash glasses, and face shields.

The general safety glasses are used to protect minimum level of risk in laboratory.  But not effective against splash of chemical or solutions. 

The laser safety glasses are based on the protection against laser or radiations and power. 

The chemical safety glasses are recommended as used against splash of chemicals and infections reach to the eyes. And it also prevents it from flying debris. 

Face shield is mainly protecting the face from any injuries  it is used with concentrated acid, liquid nitrogen, etc

2) hand protection 

For hand protection appropriate gloves should be selected for protection. It should protect it from chemical and it is essential tool to minimize the injuries during working hours. It is mostly used in specific conditions for which they are designed.

3) body protection 

The body protection lab coats are required for all lab works. For pyrophoric work Nomex coats is used and it is also used for flammable liquids and ignition sources such as burner. For infections barrier coats is used. The chances of infection should be minimised. 

4) respiratory protection

It is used at last line of defence during any accident or injurie because it requires individual assessment and training. And it provides  proper training for use . it includes surgical mask, N-95 respirators, half mask respirators, full face respirators and respirator cartridges. 

5) hearing protection

All laboratory requires noise monitoring in their lab for hearing protection of the worker . during the eight-hour working in the laboratory with this time weightage noise exposure exceeds for this proper audiometric test should be done . and proper man power should be trained and guide for the working in machinery. It includes disposable earplugs, reusable earplugs, hearing bands etc 

So, night work includes lots of risk which can be reduced with the high visibility clothes and the above mention personal protection equipment which is retroreflective provide all over body protection during working hours . It decreases the chances of infections due to any exposure and also provide respiratory protection as well. So, for better protection of workers PPE is a very good choice for any factory or organisation. But instead of PPE there are many other gears which is used but they are not as much effective. But important is that the safety gear which is used should be properly maintained and keep it in a proper manner to use it for a long time and effectively used. So safety measures taken during working hours should be properly check time to time for the betterment of the organisation. If proper safety measures taken during working hours employees feel safe and which increases the reputation in the eye of customers as well and a safe and healthy work environment also.

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