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What are the tips on choosing the best hi-vis workwear for factory workers?

What are the tips on choosing the best hi-vis workwear for factory workers?

High visibility clothes are also called hi-vis or Hi-Viz which is highly flouroscent in its natural glow property from any other background. There are many colours of high visibility vests are available, with yellow and orange being the most common examples.

It is personal protection equipment with high visibility colours. For the protection of industrial unit, electrical and construction workers high visibility clothes are very essential and it reduces the chances of dangerous and provide safety to the workers.  High visibility or hi-vis clothing, are type of clothers that workers wear to improve their vision power on a job site and ultimately, essential for workplace safety. It is mainly a warning sign or to alert drivers and other equipment operators where workers are located. During dangerous conditions its important such as close to roadways, in dark conditions, and in areas where workers might be blocked by trees, traffic barriers, or construction equipment.

 Sectors where the high visibility workwear is used:-

  • In industries where the production of metal material on roads and also construction of buildings that’s why the high is clothing having good glowing colours
  • Commercial uniforms and industrial clothingare designed for commercial, industrial, law enforcement, military, or other specialized applications
  • Safetygloves are mainly used to protect the hands over any chemical or heat during working.

Wearing hi-vis clothes like will make sure that it prevents workplace accidents and injuries of each and every person who works in the area. This is particularly important for workers in the gas and electric utility industry, and in the transportation industry, such as highway, railway, and airport workers.  Workers who get benefit are Construction workers, lab workers, initial responders, sanitation workers, and warehouse workers. for maximizing the safety of workers, it is essential to make high visibility that will provide the most contrast between your worker’s body and his or her surroundings. Make sure that the cloths with high visibility should be flexible in nature and required changes should be done  time to time. 

The 3 Components of Hi-Vis Clothing

1.The fluorescent material

This increases visibility during daylight hours and also increase visibility at night.

  1. The reflective strips

There are many different types of high-visibility strips, but  the most common is “glass beads reflective”. The purpose of making the hi-viz clothes should properly complete the puopose of the organisation. The standard maches with a CE marked and certified garment should have reflective strips around the legs and sleeves, so be sure to consider this when selecting hi-vis long-sleeved vests, jackets, and hi-vis work trousers.

  1. Retroreflective materialis make light in return when any light reflects on it and easily visible.. This may insure the driver to be careful while driving and drive properly at construction side. Retroreflective materials works more better where is dim light. While retroreflective materials can still reflect in the daylight, there is little difference between the light reflected from the garment’s material and the surrounding environment. This lack of contrast makes retroreflective materials ineffective for enhanced visibility during (sunny) daytime conditions.
  1. The contrast material:-Some hi-vis clothing is designed with darker flouroscent -coloured parts that are less dirt taken material used for high vis. The areas covered with the contrast fabric prefer to be where dirt is mostly build up — for example, the sleeve ends and across the abdomen on hi-vis fleeces and jackets, and the ankle and knee sections of hi-vis work trousers and waterproof trousers.


To comply with the CSA Standard, the HVSA should meet the following criteria for the stripes/bands:

  1. A waist-level horizontal stripe/band that goes completely around the HVSA.
  2. Two vertical stripes on the front passing over the shoulders and down to the waist.
  3. There was an x sign on the back of the high visibility vests and jackets
  4. Class 3 apparels , safety bands used for knees and shoulders

where high visibility clothes  might be required, be sure to consider:

  • What is the type and nature of work being carried in the company
  • When worker is working near heat or fire its essential to be very careful at that time
  • What kind of Condition of work space eg temperature, indoor or outdoor work, traffic flow and volume, wage rates, visibility, etc.
  • the background workers and the workplace environment must be seen in visual area behind the workers complex ,simple, urban, rural, highway etc.
  • does change in environment affect it like weather or natural light (sunlight, overcast sky, fog, rain, or snow).
  • Factors that affect warning distance the banners and the poster made of the hi visibility colour which stops and attracts the eyes once
  • any engineering and administrative hazard control should be taken
  • Many distractions are drawn attention away from hazards.
  • High visibility is used in traffic sign when the vehicles reverse on the road
  • If the certain work is done the road repair worker wear the high vis clothes for the prevention of hazards
  • Where chemical is used in the organisation proper precautions should be taken

High visibility clothes used in less light area, usually high vis clothing used in heavy duty like construction forklifting and the work where the building work is done .  high vis clothes is made for more reactive and attract eyes easily on roads in less lights .it is main safety at work. The human eye responds glowing colours first than other colours. Worker visibility is recognize the high colour contrast between clothing and the work environment against which it is seen.

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