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What is High Vis Clothing?

What is High Vis Clothing?

What is high vis clothing should be an easy answer question, but it is far from it. High-vis clothing can come in various colours and materials. It can become quite confusing to clearly see what is a high vis and what isn’t, especially under the different & strict high vis laws of each country.

High-vis vests are probably one of the most common types of high visibility apparel, but hi-vis shirts, hi-vis jackets, coveralls, pants, and even smaller items like gloves can keep your workers safe.

Hi-vis clothing has two components, fluorescent clothing & reflective tape. They can have either one or both of the above elements. Examples of these types of clothing with and without reflective are below:

what is high vis clothing

Fluorescent high-vis clothing is made with special pigments which reflects the invisible ultraviolet light as a bright visible light. These bright colours must provide strong contrast against many backgrounds (man made & natural) to increase visibility.

Reflective strips, tape, or other elements made from materials that reflect light back to where it comes from. Reflective materials can come in a variety of types, some tapes only reflect light and is not suitable for all dark work environment. Some reflective tapes work both at day and night. It is very important to check weather the tape is visible both to make sure it matches your work safety requirement.

If you are interested in buying high vis clothing which meets the Australian high vis standards, please visit our shop.

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